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Abahanzi Nyarwanda: TNP group

TNP group
TNP group is made up of three young men namely Trecy, Nicolas and Passy but only two are on regular performances since the third ‘Nicholas’ went abroad to study football, thus the two perform without him most of the times.
They joined the music industry towards the end of 2011 after releasing their song ‘Imisozi n’Ibibaya’. After that in 6 months, they released ‘Kamere’ and after they made videos for both of their songs (audios). They later made a song with a rapper Rider man called ‘Kubwinshi’.

Their last song is called Ndamburiraho Ibiganza of which they did at T-Brown’s studio. They are planning to finish off a song they are doing with Lick- Lick.

They were selected to compete in Salax Awards as a group that became popular in 2011 and young artists who are developing.

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