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Abahanzi Nyarwanda: Umuhanzi Bikorimana Jean Claude alias Eric A Ross

Jean Claude alias Eric A Ross
Bikorimana Jean Claude alias Eric A Ross is an underground artist looking forward to be visible on the Rwandan music scene. He was born in 1990 Bwishyura sector, Karongi district in the western province. 22 year old Eric (Bikorimana J C) says he was forced to quit school in senior three, due to lack of financial means. He started his music career at 10, in the church choir at his home church. He immediately started writing his own music,since then, he has composed four songs that are darling to Isangano radio station in Karongi.His songs that are mainly gospel,speak about day to day life as well as God’s word.Bikorimana intends to distribute his album countrywide.

The underground artist also composes and sings genocide memorial songs. Bikorimana earns the money to promote his music from his job as a guide at Capital Express, a tours and travel company, located in Karongi.

“Though I don’t earn enough to develop my dream of becoming an international artist, I get enough to survive and sustain my music,” says Bikorimana.

Bikorimana’s big dream is to get a manager to sponsor his music. He intends to record collabos with famous Rwandan artists like Ridderman if he ever gets the means.

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