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Abahanzi Nyarwanda: Victory Ngarambe aka Elion Victory

Victory Ngarambe aka  Elion Victory
Victory Ngarambe commonly known as Elion Victory is becoming one of fabulous artists who sings in Afro- beat and R&B genre.

He came to limelight due to his popular songs like Amafaranga, Marita, and Juu ya Nini, Apana Mimi, Fiesta, Ijambo, Babwire and many others.

He was born in 1989 and he is a talented artist who is e special guitar player. He has been renowned for his artistic playing of guitar in songs enclosed in the album of Richard Nick and especially in ‘Niwe’ song. He also revealed the talent in Dr. Claude’s songs like ‘Contre Success’, Ubukene and others.

Ever since 2006 when he joined music industry, he has released one album called ‘Babwire’ and he presently resides in Kenya where he does advertisement for Orange Telecommunications Company. He plans to come to Rwanda to launch his two albums that he has been working on which are ’Mpa Ijambo’ and ’Dawa Yangu’.

The celebrity is temporarily in Rwanda for Primus Guma Guma Super Star (PGGSS) where he replaced Kitoko, following announciment that he was not going to participate in the competition.

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